Hero 12DHERO Goalie Semi Soft Lacrosse Mesh - Black


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ECD Hero Mesh 12D Goalie Semi Soft mesh is designed to give every goalie's stick the highest level of performance for stopping shots, reducing rebounds and easy clears. East Coast Dyes is the leader in performance lacrosse mesh and their Hero Mesh line is one of the most popular performance meshes on the market. Hero Mesh 12D Goalie Semi Soft lives up to the ECD name by using their LTH Fibers, HyperWeave and unique diamond structure technologies to create one of the most durable and lightweight goalie pockets in the game. Due to the advanced technologies used by East Coast Dyes while producing Hero Mesh 12D Goalie Semi Soft your pocket will not only be entirely weather proof but will also stop, rebound and pass better than any other goalie mesh on the market. 

- Semi-Soft feel for increased control and hold 

- LTH Fibers allow for an unrivaled all weather, durable and lightweight pocket

- ECD's unique 12D diamond shape created through HyperWeave helps absorb and control rebounds while creating a smooth and consistent release for easy clears.

- Proudly made in the USA