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What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique where ink is squeezed through mesh screens directly onto a garment. Each color in the logo requires a unique screen. Screen printing pricing is based on the number of colors being printed.


We use both manual and automatic methods at Burghardt Sporting Goods. The manual process requires a person to load the garments onto a print table, then they will squeeze the ink through the mesh screens; while the automatic process still requires a person to load the clothing onto a print table, this process utilizes an automatic squeegee to push the ink onto the garment. Both processes require that the garments travel through a tunnel dryer to cure the ink.


Providing Artwork (PDF, AI, or EPS)

Art should be provided in Vector format. Vector art will have a file extension of (.ai), (.eps), or (pdf). The graphic designer who created your logo should be able to provide you with these files.