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Protect yourself at the plate with Franklin Sports' PRT + Baseball Elbow Guard! Give yourself confidence and peace of mind when you step into the batter's box with this protective elbow and forearm shield. Hit-by pitches can be costly in terms of pain and injury, and the PRT baseball and softball elbow guard is the perfect piece of equipment to keep players safe and in the game. This elbow and forearm protector pad is designed to absorb impact from the ball to reduce the likelihood of injury. This adjustable, adult size baseball elbow guard is easy to strap on and is designed to be sleek and comfortable so it won't impede your swing. The soft-shell protector hardens on impact to lessen the damage caused by the ball and gives players added confidence during their at-bat. The elbow and forearm protector also offers double the coverage of other elbow guards on the market by extending down the forearm for additional protection. Designed to be sleek and lightweight, this elbow guard is designed to fit comfortably for both right hand and left hand hitters. Plus, over time, the flexible interior shell will mold to the shape of your elbow for a unique, comfortable fit. So step to the plate with ultimate confidence and protection for your next at bat and grab your PRT + Baseball Elbow Guard today!

  • PROTECTIVE: Protect your elbow and forearm at the plate with this soft-shell elbow guard designed to harden on impact to absorb and reduce damage from hit by pitches
  • DUAL-ELBOW UTILITY: The adjustable design ensures this elbow guard can be used by both lefty and righty hitters for full coverage from both sides of the plate
  • FOREARM EXTENSION: Designed with a forearm extension for full coverage from the elbow down through the forearm for additional protection and peace of mind
  • FORM FITTING: The light and flexible interior shell is pre-curved to hug your elbow for a comfortable fit that will gradually form to the unique shape of your elbow with time and use
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This protective guard is designed to be lightweight and sleek to provide peace of mind without distracting or disrupting hitters at the plate