Joma TOJW2201HG Toledo Jr


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This classic children's soccer model has been developed in resistant materials, being suitable for any task. With these versatile shoes, any place can be a football field. The upper is made of high-quality synthetic material and an interior mesh grid to promote breathability. Small perforations have been added on both sides of the cut to help vent sweat so that the little footballer's foot stays cool and dry. This has been made with VTS technology.

The insole is smooth EVA for better cushioning. The insole is made of texon. The very good quality DURABILITY rubber outsole resists abrasion wear. It is reinforced with PROTECTION technology on the toecap, so that it absorbs the impact of the ball and allows more precision and power in the shot. In addition, the natural movement of the foot is guaranteed: the FLEXO lines provide unparalleled flexibility.