New Berlin Store Updates

Feb 11th 2021

Burghardt's New Berlin Address: 15333 W National Ave, New Berlin

Opening in March 2021!

New Store Update

February 11th, 2021


  • More retail inventory has been transferred to our New Berlin location
  • We have begun to disassemble aisles and displays in Brookfield
  • Some of our new merchandise displays and shelving has been built in New Berlin
  • In New Berlin, we have started to place each department's inventory in its corresponding spot in our new floor plan
  • The basketball hoop display has been reassembled in New Berlin

Looking Ahead

  • We're moving earlier!
  • The soft opening of our New Berlin location is now 2/18
  • In the next week, Team Sales and Retail will move to New Berlin
  • More retail displays are still on the way

Cleared Backstock in Brookfield

Cleared Aisles in Brookfield

Backpacks Getting Transferred to New Berlin

Lacrosse Inventory in New Berlin

More Inventory in New Berlin

New Shelves and More Inventory

Basketball Hoop Display in New Berlin

Past Updates


  • Embroidery, Print Shop, and Sorting are all moved in and working at New Berlin
  • Our Receiving, Purchasing, and Accounting departments have moved from Brookfield to New Berlin
  • Most of our backstock from Brookfield has moved to New Berlin
  • Fitting Rooms have been assembled
  • More TVs have been put up in the BSG conference rooms


  • TVs have been placed around the Batting Cage Area and on the retail floor
  • We have begun to rent out the Batting Cages and Performance Center to teams
  • Part of our staff has moved into the new offices and have began working at our new location full-time
  • Sorting and backstock area is coming along
  • New embroidery machines have arrived
  • Basketball hoops have been moved from our warehouse to New Berlin


  • The Burghardt sign was put up
  • Fencing around the Batting Cages and Performance Center is complete
  • The turf for the Performance Center was installed
  • Drop-down tunnel netting system in the Performance Center is finished
  • The Batting Cages are nearly finished
    • HitTrax has been installed
    • Netting is complete
    • Batter's boxes have been painted
    • Batting Cage hitter controls for different pitch speeds are installed
    • Pitching machines and ball-return system have been installed


  • BSG offices are in
  • Floors have been polished
  • Tiling near the entrance has been replaced
  • More painting
  • Break room kitchen counters are in
  • Order bar offices are on their way
  • Front desk and order bar counters have been placed
  • Front atrium has been painted Burghardt blue
  • Batting cage area is really coming along!
    • HitTrax machines are currently being installed


  • Building face has been painted Burghardt Blue
  • Separating walls for the in-house print shop and fulfillment center are installed
  • Electrical, data, and HVAC are installed
  • Final architectural plans are complete
  • Designs for the performance center and batting cages are complete