Escalade Sports YESM69IAL4 Eco-Smart Yoga Mat


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Made from Polymer Environmental Resin (PER), an innovative substance that is safer for the planet and your health than yoga mats made from standard PVC foam, this material is easy to clean and provides excellent non-slip traction. Cushioned to protect those new to yoga or other mat exercises, this material is also incredibly durable, making this eco-friendly yoga mat a great studio or at-home option for those practicing daily or intensely.
SIZE: 24" x 69" x 4mm- Thinner mat allows you to feel the ground for more stability
Excellent Non-Slip traction
Durable enough to hold up in all disciplines and as a Studio mat
Made of eco-friendly Polymer Environmental Resin (PER)- Contains no harmful phthalates or heavy metals that irritate skin
Easily cared for and durable for everyday and class use