Soft Hit Softball (Single)


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Soft HIT? practice baseballs are perfect for batting practice and fielding training. Made of high quality polyurethane foam, Soft HIT balls are light-weight, squeeze-able, safe, durable, and cost effective. Even better, they don't damage things they hit! Soft HIT practice baseballs are 9 in circumference and come in two colors - white and yellow.. They have raised red laces, an important feature for baseball and softball players. The laces permit pitchers to throw change ups and breaking balls effectively and hitters the ability to see ball rotation. Soft HIT practice baseballs are perfect for soft toss, tee-work, live pitching, machine pitching, and fielding drills. Plus, Soft HIT practice baseballs don't break, don't hurt when you get hit with them, and don't break things they happen to hit!