VIZARI 80091 Pasadena F.P. Goalkeeper Gloves W/ Finger Protection


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These Pasadena FP Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves are perfect for keeping your hands protected while playing the goalkeeper position in soccer. These gloves are designed to provide exceptional comfort and performance on the field. The 4 Super Grip German Latex palm sures superior grip and control in all weather conditions. The flat-cut palm and cloth backhand offers a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing for natural movement and the optimal feel of the ball. With a rubber "Punch" zone on the backhand, these gloves offer added protection and power for clearing the ball. The elasticized wrist with a full-wrap Velcro closure provides a secure and adjustable fit.

  • These gloves are built to provide exceptional grip and comfort for goalkeepers. The 4 Super Grip German Latex palm ensures an outstanding grip on the ball, allowing you to make confident saves. The flat-cut palm design and cloth backhand contribute to the overall comfort, providing a soft and flexible feel.

  • These gloves are designed to enhance your performance on the field with their advanced features. The rubber "Punch" zone on the backhand provides excellent protection and allows for powerful punches when clearing the ball. The elasticized wrist sures a secure fit, while the full wrap Velcro closure offers easy adjustability and added stability. Stay confident and protected with the Pasadena F.p. Goalkeeper Gloves.

  • The Pasadena F.p. Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection is the ultimate choice for soccer enthusiasts. These gloves offer a remarkable combination of comfort and functionality. Designed with the goalkeeper's needs in mind, they provide superior comfort throughout the game, allowing you to focus on your performance. Equipped with finger protection technology, these gloves sure maximum safety and prevent any potential injuries. Whether you're a professional goalkeeper or a passionate player, the Pasadena F.p. Goalkeeper Gloves are a must-have for anyone seeking unparalleled comfort and protection on the field.